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Weighing Controller
Strong and dependable Weighing Controller devices availed by our company are built to accurately measure weights and manage them in different work areas. Made from strong steel, these controllers give offers high rigidity to withstand extreme operational conditions.
Load Cells
Load Cells are important components used to measure force and weight in different uses. They are often used on a big scale, in testing things like materials and checking force correctly and quickly with excellent repeatability.
Belt Scale
Belt Scale units are special devices that are commonly used to measure the speed of big materials moving along conveyor belts. Used in industries like mining, farming and making things these weights help measure materials correctly and quickly.
Rail Weighing System
Our company is known as one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of highly reliable and robust Rail Weighing System for industrial facilities and railways. These heavy-duty weighing systems help a lot to improve how well train transport works.
Onboard Loader Scales
Onboard Loader Scales make handling materials more efficient by easily adding weighing features to loaders. These advanced tools make work better, helping to increase how much we produce, reulting in the use of resources wisely.
Industrial Weighbridge
Industrial Weighbridge machines are built to be strong and very accurate. They are made for big jobs in different types of businesses that deal with lots of heavy goods, making transport and sticking to weight rules easier.
Hopper Weighing System
Hopper Weighing System provides accurate and fast ways to measure large amounts of materials. Made for industries such as food, agriculture, and chemical, these systems make sure the weight is checked right when goods go through processing machines.
Platform Weighing Systems
Platform Weighing Systems are special tools made to measure big weights quickly and accurately on a flat surface. These systems use advanced technology to give correct weight results, making them important in different fields like logistics, production, and farming.
Batch Weighing System
Esskay Weighing And Automation is a renowned name that provides highly advanced Batch Weighing System for industrial facilities to ensure exact and fast handling of large volume of goods. Get these reliable weighing systems as per your needs at a reasonable price.
Weigh Feeder
Weigh Feeder units are advanced tools that are made to measure and control the flow of big materials with high accuracy. The offered tools use high-tech load cell technology to measure and control the rate of materials in different fields like mining or food stuff.
Container Weighing Systems
Container Weighing Systems are important tools for precise and accurate cargo handling. These advanced systems make global trade and logistics better by making transport safer and using weight more efficiently.
Truck Weighing Systems
Truck Weighing Systems are important for transportation and shipping to make sure we measure cargo weight correctly on vehicles like trucks or vans. With their advanced technology, these tools provides accurate results with excellent repeatability.
IOT Solutions
IOT Solutions are smart and intelligent systems that easily join devices and let real-time data sharing. These smart ideas use information from sensors, computer power in the clouds and expert data analysis to make things run better and aid choices.
Loader Scale
Loader Scale tools are high tech systems used for exact weight measuring of materials during loading tasks. These scales work well with loaders and help manage materials by avoiding too much weight and improving the process of moving things around in different jobs.
Bagging Machines
Buy from us premium-class Bagging Machines that are known for their robust design and high functionality. Their automatic actions cut down on work done by hand, increase speed, and keep things the same all the time.
Solid Flow Meters
Solid Flow Meters are very precise tools used to measure the movement of solid items in many factory processes. These big factory tools use really good technology to follow where powders, small pieces, or large amounts of solids move with high accuracy.

In Domestic Area, We are mainly dealing in Andhra Pradesh, Delhi, Goa, Karnataka, Kerala, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Telangana.